Photo By  Shannon Griffin

About Sara Lynn

Hi Y'all! I'm Sara Lynn (or just Sara), owner and photographer behind Sara Lynn Photography (who would have thought?!) While I still call Tallahassee, Florida home, I am now a Jacksonville photographer- so I am fully serving the North Florida area!

I have a growing love for riding my bike to be rewarded with chicken and waffles, jogging to Ample Hills Creamery, and hot yoga classes followed by tacos and margaritas. As you can tell, I believe in a life with a fair balance of hard work and balance which is why I love this photography business I get to call mine. Other things I love: my husband Levon, our precious daughter Hazel, my sweet pup (Sammy Davis Junior), my three cuddly cats (Ella Fitzgerald, Humphrey Bogart, and Ernest Hemingway), the white brick wall in my living room, a good glass of red wine, a quality cup of coffee, and chatting with friends about their passions. I'm an ENFP and an enneagram 9- and love analyzing everyone I interact with based on their personality type.

To be fully transparent, I don't think of myself as an artistically gifted photographer. Probably not what you want to hear from your potential photographer, but you'll always get nothing but honesty from me. What I do think I am, though, is a great story teller. I've always been a sucker for a good story. And being able to share how I see a story unfolding in front of me is what I consider to be my gift. While there will be some posing, because grandma always wants a classic smiling at the camera photo for her dresser collection, I take a more photojournalistic approach to wedding days and portrait sessions. I want you to remember how the day felt more than how it looked. 

I'd love nothing more than to meet you for a cup of coffee (local coffee shop prefered.. Yes, I am that person!) and learn more about you! I'd love to help tell your story.  xo Sara Lynn