Welcome to New York, Brooklyn more specifically

Hi there, in case you don't know me already- I'm Sara. Owner of Sara Lynn Photography. I specialize in weddings and lifestyle product photography. (see photo of me below)

brooklyn wedding photographer

This past year has been quite the whirlwind event. This time last year Levon and I were officially, official in making up our mind to move to New York. One of the most exciting and challenging decisions we've made in our (at that time) almost 4 years of marriage. Everyone asked as why. Everyone wanted to know why New York specifically? And better yet, why live in Brooklyn?

brooklyn wedding photographer

To which we always answered, "why not?"

We love this city. We knew it'd be challenging. As a couple of music lovers the songs through the years have always told us so. For example: 

"Now that I've made it here, I can make it anywhere."

"If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere. It's up to you, New York, New York."

"In New York freedom looks like too many choices"

...you get the point. There are so many choices. There are so many obstacles. I knew re-starting my wedding photography business here in Brooklyn would be a doozie. But is has all been so worth it so far.

brooklyn wedding photographer

I'm excited to share my version of New York, Brooklyn, and little areas in between with you. I'm excited to share with you who has held me hand through this sometimes difficult life adjustment. I'm excited to share my photography in this corner of the internet with you.


all photos in the post are from a stylized anniversary shoot at The Whitney by Jessica Watson Photography