Hazel's 4 month baby photos

It’s so hard to believe that our baby girl is four months old already and that it’s time to update her monthly baby photos. It’s a blessing and a curse being a photographer with an infant. I love being able to capture these moments and memories myself and bring out sweet aspects of her personality in photos. I love that she’ll have baby photos of herself she can cherish when she’s older. But I am not very good at forcing myself to pause to take and edit my own baby’s photos! I’m so glad that she is sweet and precious (in my very unbiased opinion) making these little monthly photo sessions quick and easy for our baby girl.

Hazel has begun trying to roll from back to belly (she gets on her side then decides that is far enough for now), giggling at her mommy (daddy is still waiting for his first giggles), and consistently keeping her head up on the mat during tummy time (no more cheek down I’m bored with this reactions!). Everything goes straight in her mouth and she drools like crazy- God bless our patience during this oral fixation! We love her so much and are so excited to continue watching her grow into her sweet silly personality!

Sara Hoomes