A (not so little) life update!

Hi friends!

I haven't been the most consistent with updating the blog since restarting my website after moving to Brooklyn: have no fear that all is about to change

I was adjusting to working in a full time corporate office for the first time in years and now am ready to get things swinging with my blog, website, and photography again! Family and Wedding Photography have always had my heart so I'm excited to get back to it. But first, I thought you all may deserve a small, or well big, life update! 


Levon and I found out back in March that we are expecting our first (human child) in November of this year! Now I may sounds crazy getting ready to have a baby and getting everything moving with my business again but nothing has ever motivated me more! I want Hazel, yes we already know it's a girl and she has a name, that I'm proud of what I do everyday and nothing makes me more proud than loving others well with this gift.

I plan on doing some upcoming posts on how my pregnancy has been so far, but for now I'll tell you guys: it hasn't been the easiest!

With that said at 22 weeks I'm finally feeling better and am excited to begin sharing more with you all while also getting things set back up!



So, I'm officially booking weddings both in Brooklyn and in Tallahassee for the year of 2019!

Can't wait to share more soon,



photos and mugs by my sweet friend Jessie at :https://www.etsy.com/shop/tangibledesignshop


Sara Hoomes